Right to honour

Lawyers for the Right to Honour

In our office we are experts and we count with specialized professionals to claim the right of honour.

We study case by case and make a report to advise every client in a personalized way, so he/she can decide with all the information. We are ready to support you throughout the process and to obtain the best result, the sentence that will defend your right to honour.

We are lawyers with a long history of experience in the field of the right to honour and a large number of favourable rulings are our best guarantee.

Trust Cabrera Abogados to Claim the Right to Honour ASNEF, Badexcug…!

What good does it do to claim the right to honour?

The right of honour is a fundamental right according to the Spanish Constitution: “The right of honor is guaranteed, as well as the right to personal and family privacy”. In its first section, it states that “honour, personal and family privacy and self-image are guaranteed”, and in the fourth section, “The law shall limit the use of information technology to guarantee the honour and personal and family privacy of citizens and the full exercise of their rights”.
Big corporations, banks, electric companies… are including some people on their defaulting lists without complying with the legal requirements for that.

Why should you defend your right to honor ASNEF, Badexcug…?

Being included in a defaulter list may mean negative consequences for you: refusal of loans from banks, not being able to contract new services with utility companies, not being able to buy in instalments, etc..

In many cases, the company is not allowed to do this. At Cabrera Abogados we are fully aware of the negative consequences for a person to be included in a register of defaulters and we are fully prepared to claim this type of abusive practices that damage the honour and moral integrity of our clients.

We are your lawyers in the right to honour

We have obtained many judgements in favour of our clients in which Cabrera Abogados has obtained compensation for damages to our clients.

If you are in this situation, count with our legal team with many years of experience to help you.

Right to Honour judgments

Here you can see some of the sentences won after claiming the right to honour ASNEF, Badexcug…

Judgement 1


Judgement 1


Judgement 1


Judgement 1


Judgement 1


Ask us, we are your Lawyers in right to honour


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