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We are clear that the crisis has confirmed that some products are not as simple as they seemed in the beginning. Therefore we recommend reading carefully before signing a new financial contract.

The financial downturn revealed a number of shortcomings that need to be addressed for contracting any financial service. These abusive situations are shown in the media.

In other countries, it is usual to attend financial institutions accompanied by our lawyer to avoid laborious and slow situations that are expensive to solve.

Given this violation that occurs on some occasions. In Cabrera Abogados we take care of giving you the best advice from our offices in Cordoba, Sevilla and Madrid before contracting financial products or solving posible abusive situacions after contract them.

We analyze your banking and financial products.

Our experts demand responsability from financial institutions.

Finally, we take the necessary legal action to reclaim them your money.

Do you need help? Do you need help? Contact our offices placed in Córdoba, Sevilla and Madrid!

Our professional Team

Law Firm

In our law firm we have professionals in various areas in order to have the best at your side. Trust in our law firm and in our professional and close team, up to any challenge.

Our Services

Floor Clause

Get your money back after removing the floor clause from your mortgage.

Bank Fees

Experts in claims against abusive bank commissions.

Right to Honour

We avoid the problems of being included in any list of delinquent accounts.

Mortgage Expenses

We claim from your bank the costs for the constitution, novation or modification of your mortgage.

IRPH Lawyers

Claim what you have overpaid for the IRPH of your affected mortgage. No more abusive rates.


We fight for your rights to suspend foreclosures and repossessions.

Second Chance

We help to renegotiate debts for the self-employed and private individuals in order to be able to meet their payments.

Bank Debts

Are you over-indebted? We study your case, look for alternatives and renegotiate with your bank.

Revolving cards

If you have paid more than you borrowed on revolving cards, we can make a claim. Recover the amount exceeding the borrowed capital!

Computer-related crime

We help you with cybersecurity crimes: phishing, fraud, identity theft, scams, espionage…

Trust Cabrera Abogados! Your law firm specialising in solutions against bank abuse.
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