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Pishing Lawyers

Our firm has extensive experience as computer crime lawyers and phishing specialists. We have professionals specialised in the field.

Phishing also called cybersecurity crimes among which phishing stands out, are crimes that are carried out in digital environments using Technologies through the Internet and affect computers, mobile devices, servers…

We can find fraud, sabotage and computer damage, theft or impersonation, Internet scams, computer espionage…



It is a set of techniques that by impersonating a person, company, bank or Brand they gain the trust of the victim with the aim of convincing him to make certain payments or actions.

The practice of phishing is increasing. They are becoming more realistic. Only phishing specialists will know how to identify this type of fraud.


Have they accessed your bank account after stealing your login details? Have they performed any operations without your consent?

Our lawyers will advise you step by step to make a claim to your bank or with the necessary legal procedures following the complaint.


Do you need help from our cybersecurity lawyers?

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