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Bank Fees Complaints

At Cabrera Abogados we have so many years of experience regarding bank fees. We help you and give you advise on abusive bank fees. We will be on charge of everything.

Do not let Banks charge you for illegal or abusive fees, we will go over your case and will give you the best advise.

Our best references are the numerous favourable judgements and our satisfied clients.

What are Bank Fees?

Bank fees are the money that Banks charge for a service, such as transfers or the study of contracts.
Banks are squeezing as much as possible these fees and nowadays it is impossible to open a bank account without a maintenance cost.

In addition, banks are tightening the conditions for account exemptions as well as for customer tenure.
Bank fees are free but must be arranged with the clients and, of course, they must comply with the law.

Therefore, some banks are abusing when it comes to charge these fees and they are even charging for services that have not been given.

What do we do with Bank Fees?

That is why at Cabrera Abogados we help our clients to claim about these abusive fees. We have obtained numerous rulings in favour of our clients in which the commissions have been declared null and void in the courts due to their lack of transparency and opacity, and the amount has been returned to our clients

We stand by your side to claim the bank fees that have not been properly charged.

Sentencias reclamaciones de Comisiones de Bancos

Here you can see some of our successful bank commission rulings:

Judgement 472/2023

Judgement 472/2023

07/03/2023, Cádiz

Judgement 472/2023

Judgement 74/2023

13/04/2023, Córdoba

We help you with your bank commission claims

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